Tuesday night comp washed out again

For the second successive Tuesday night, the competition was washed out.
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Hopefully tomorrow evening the storms will stay away and all the action will be on the courts, rather than in the skies.

Wednesday night was another balmy one but there was a slight breeze which kept the insects and mozzies at bay.

Falling to Pieces and Pyes played a very competitive match, especially the ladies sets.

Kerry McIntyre and her partner pushed Helen Standen and Merren Davey all the way.

Merrens skill around the net and Helen’s countless miss hit winners and screaming passing shots proved the difference.

Their success was to be small consolation as Mick McFarlane and David Pye turned the tables on Hedley Nicholson and sub Greg Phillips.

Pyes went on to win three out of the four highly competitive mixed sets to score a 5-3 win.

Mixed Lollies and Hamiltons had a good match.

The sets were much closer than the scores indicated.

James Ward, playing for Hamiltons, was in sizzling form during his two hours of squad training before he started the night comp.

Apparently that form continued on.

He partnered dad Ian and they smashed Paul Dunford and Ben Evans in all sectors, dropping only one game.

Amanda Hamilton and Mel Ashcroft did not take long to find their range after the Christmas break.

Mixed Lollies’ Barb Jones and Stacey Dowton did well to keep the rallies going as the Hamilton sisters are like brick walls and hardly miss a trick from the baseline.

There was some consolation when Paul partnered Stacey to win one of their mixed doubles sets and get Mixed Lollies on the board.

AgriWest’s Ryan Thornberry was heard cheering when he and partner Jack Kearney scored a game in their mens doubles and avoided the dreaded double bagel.

Ryan was worried about the repercussions at work on Thursday.

On the adjacent court, Emma Cox and Sheridan Kirk were getting far too excited with their 2-0 lead in the opening set against the unbackable Services team.

The experience of Bev Finn took over, and partnering young Erin Cheney, they only let one more game slip by them.

Emma and Jack fought hard and almost won a mixed doubles but it was not to be and Services scored yet another 8-0 win.

A Bit of Hit’n’Miss brought out their secret weapons last week with Janelle Goodsell and David Saunders taking to the courts in their maiden Parkes night comp.

Unfortunately for East Parkes, they were on the receiving end of some highly skilful play.

Try as they may, the East Parkes team could not get a set on the scoreboard and will be looking forward to a fresh start this Wednesday.

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Strong results for Parkes juniors

Maddie McCormick (left) and Makayla Strudwick are both members of the Junior Development Squad. subThree Parkes players travelled to Bathurst for their Medibank Junior Development Series event last Sunday.
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This was the first tournament for the year with 14 more to follow through to September.

Jake Magill thought he would challenge himself by playing in the 17 and Under division to attain some match practice for his Australian ranking tournament schedule in the coming weeks.

Jake made the semis and was happy with his hit out.

Ben Evans played in the 13 and Under division and found there was a cluster of boys from Hawkesbury and Nepean area that have been playing during the holidays.

Ben started fairly slowly but got into some groove during the day.

He reported that he was relatively happy with how he hit the ball, making the quarters, considering his sabbatical over January.

Georgia Sideris jumped up into the 13 and Unders this year and will have to get some good fitness under her belt if she is to be competitive in this division.

Georgia tried hard and made the quarters before losing to a girl from Penrith.


A junior development squad has been created under the guidance of head coach Helen Magill.

The squad players have been selected for their efforts during 2014 with a focus on individually improving their fitness and skills.

Last Monday, the squad trained very well in the hot and humid conditions.

They have been divided into three teams for their fitness component.

The Weird Wackos, including Laura Kirk, Olivia Dolbel, Charlie Strudwick and Jay Arrow, showed their extra competitive natures to win all fitness activities.

Charlie and Olivia were sizzling on the skipping rope while Jay showed his quick speed over five metres in the sprints.

Laura is a quiet achiever who gives her best without fuss.

The squad worked on their depth perception with various drills on court as Makayla Strudwick, Maticka Brown and Ryan Mackenzie showed the way, hitting some nice ground strokes.

Yuan Rivera, Charlie Strudwick, Abbey Kennedy and Maddie McCormick were excellent in the points play section which tested their endurance and focus.

Over almost two hours, it is difficult to keep motivated and work hard and these four along with the rest of the squad did a good job of this.

The squad are striving to improve their fitness testing from Week 1 to Week 8 and if they continue to work on their skipping skills at home, they will certainly be on track.


Congratulations to Marites Woods (Parkes East), Holly McColl (Parkes Public), Abbey Kennedy (Parkes Public), Jay Arrow (Middleton) and Michael Riley (Parkes Public) who were all successful in gaining selection in the Lachlan PSSA tennis team which will travel to Bathurst next month to trial for the Western PSSA team.


It was a super start to junior comp last week.

Well done to almost everyone for checking their draws and showing up on time.

Registrations for all new players are due tomorrow and are $25.

The weekly playing fee of $3 needs to be paid at the canteen before each match.

A tip to all players in all divisions except for the Orange division, please call out the score after every point nice and loud and make sure you are facing your opponent if you call the ball out so they can hear you.

If you follow these helpful hints, it may just save you the stress of trying to sort out the score if you do not agree and minimise involvement of parents.

Results from Round 1 included:


Breanna Weekes made a nice start to her tennis year with a close 4/3 win over Camilia Brown. Camilia showed some nice skill and when she gets use to comp tennis, there is no doubt she will score some upset wins.

Jackson Plummer and Xavier Scally had plenty of rallies in their match and it was Jackson who managed a one game win 3/2.

Charlie Strudwick and Luke Dixon are both thoroughly enjoying their time on the tennis court at the start of this year and are improving all the time.

Last week they finished even with a 3-all draw.


Marites Woods took full advantage of a lacklustre Holly McColl who will need to put in more time on the court if she is to be competitive this term.

Tess was too good winning 6/3.

Georgia Sideris is showing more determination and lets hope this continues as she scored her first win over Kayla Swetland in two years.

Kayla is a consistent performer but Georgia had Kayla running from side to side last week in an impressive 6/1 result.

Abbey Kennedy is one of the hardest workers at junior tennis and she showed her effort on the court against Cassie Ward when they finished 3-all.

Ashleigh Ward hit too many balls back for Laura Kirk last week.

Ash is very consistent while Laura is getting some extra power into her game and just needs to improve her shot selection and she’ll be smoking those groundies.


Ebony Fisher and Steph Peterson started their competition tennis in style last week when they laughed and talked their way through their match showing beaut sportsmanship.

The girls were both cautious about playing comp but found their way and will continue to improve each week.

They finished with a 2-all draw.

Koby Wirth was excited about his promotion to the Green Division and using the whole court.

He managed this very well when he took on the delightful Alex Bartley-Richardson and they played out a 3-all draw.

Nia Boggs was very lucky to receive a new racquet from her Nana for her birthday and she is finding it has much more power.

Nia always gives her best and last week she hit some very nice shots against Campbell Scally to score a 3/1 win.

Campbell has been inspired by his trip to the Australian Open and this little lefty thinks his new self taught serve looks just like Rafa Nadal’s.

A little bit more control and a few less bounces of the ball might help Campbell actually get his serve into play but his enthusiasm is to be applauded and encouraged.

Anna Westcott and Sam Riley made a fabulous start to comp tennis.

Anna had the added value of a morning of tennis matches the day before her first comp match when she trialled for the Lachlan PSSA team.

Anna made some lovely serves into play and Sam tried her best and will continue to improve each week.

Anna did very well to win all six games played.


Kaid Lydford played his last match in the Orange Division as he has shown some excellent improvement and has been promoted to the Green Division from tomorrow.

Kaid proved a little too strong for Danilo Bottaro-Porter last week 5/1.

Well done to Lily McCormick in her first comp match.

Lily came up against Lachie Plummer and the applause and excitement from the crowd showed that they played a nice match with some rallies.

They finished 3-all.

Tim Nyugen and Thomas Burkitt were both looking a little nervous for their first competition matches but settled in and did very well to get some serves into play while hitting some returns as well.

Tim just won 3/2.


Makayla Strudwick’s effort in the two weeks of tennis so far has been exemplary.

She is hitting the ball very well.

Makayla took on the consistent and pint sized Maddy McCormick last week.

Maddy did well to neutralize Makayla’s power and make her do plenty of running but Makayla was up to the task and scored a 5/3 win.

Laura Cabban and Monique Morgan always have a close match and last week was similar.

Laura’s consistency and extra power proved the difference in winning all five games although their rallies didn’t indicate the one-sided result.

Lucin Sarkissian and Maticka Brown had a lot of rallies in their match.

Lucin was doing her best to make Maticka run and run.

Maticka was putting in plenty of effort.

Lucin just won their match 3/2.


The battle of the brothers was fought out early this comp and it was older brother Tom who kept ahead of little brother Josh in their encounter.

It was played in good spirit with Tom winning 3/2.

Ryan Mackenzie showed his on court experience when he played Michael Riley last week.

Ryan scored a 6/2 win.

Jay Arrow is one to watch and when he can focus on the job at hand, he will improve dramatically. Jay was too classy for Ethan Hoswell last week 6/1.

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Lake Wallace — Blue Green algae update

Water quality improves on the lakeThe Blue Green Algae situation at Lake Wallace has improved,however Lake Lyell has now been placed on an amber alert.
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Lake Lyell is now showing signs of Blue Green Algae with an amber alert being put in place in the latest results published by the NSW Office of Water.

LakeWallace on the other hand is showing signs of improvement.

“The red alert at Lake Wallace has subsided and if one more week of improved results occurs, the restriction on contact with the water is likely to be lifted,”Lithgow City Council Mayor, councillor Maree Statham said.

“However, Lake Lyell isnow at amber alert level.

“Whilethis does not preclude recreational use, itshould be at the users’ discretion.”

“Weekly sampling continues and an updated alert status will be provided asresults come to hand.”

More information on algae alerts is available from the algal information linemaintained by the NSW Office of Water, at 1800 999 457 or the NSW Office ofWater web page at http://www.water.nsw.gov.au

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Ashford Show 2015 – Mega Gallery

Ashford Show 2015 – Mega Gallery Justin and Andrew Caine. Pic no: 5279
Nanjing Night Net

Justin and Andrew Caine. Pic no: 5280

Sue Willcocks, Nic Wills and Tammy Bell. Pic no: 5281

Sue Willcocks, Nic Wills and Tammy Bell. Pic no: 5282

Pic no: 5283

Pic no: 5284

Pic no: 5285

Pic no: 5286

Pic no: 5287

Pic no: 5288

Pic no: 5290

Pic no: 5291

Pic no: 5292

Pic no: 5293

Pic no: 5294

Pic no: 5295

Pic no: 5297

Pic no: 5298

Pic no: 5299

Pic no: 5300

Pic no: 5301

Pic no: 5302

Pic no: 5303

Pic no: 5304

Pic no: 5305

Pic no: 5306

Pic no: 5307

Pic no: 5308

Pic no: 5309

Pic no: 5310

Pic no: 5311

Pic no: 5312

Pic no: 5313

Pic no: 5314

Pic no: 5315

Pic no: 5316

Pic no: 5317

Pic no: 5318

Pic no: 5319

Pic no: 5320

Pic no: 5321

Pic no: 5322

Pic no: 5323

Pic no: 5324

Pic no: 5325

Pic no: 5326

Pic no: 5327

Pic no: 5328

Pic no: 5329

Pic no: 5330

Pic no: 5331

Pic no: 5332

Pic no: 5334

Pic no: 5335

Pic no: 5336

Pic no: 5337

Pic no: 5338

Pic no: 5339

Pic no: 5340

Pic no: 5341

Pic no: 5342

Pic no: 5343

Pic no: 5344

Pic no: 5345

Pic no: 5346

Pic no: 5348

Pic no: 5349

Pic no: 5350

Pic no: 5351

Pic no: 5352

Pic no: 5353

Pic no: 5355

Pic no: 5356

Pic no: 5358

Pic no: 5359

Pic no: 5360

Pic no: 5361

Pic no: 5362

Pic no: 5363

Pic no: 5364

Pic no: 5365

Pic no: 5366

Pic no: 5367

Pic no: 5368

Pic no: 5369

Pic no: 5370

Pic no: 5371

Pic no: 5372

Pic no: 5373

Pic no: 5374

Pic no: 5375

Pic no: 5376

Pic no: 5377

Pic no: 5378

Pic no: 5379

Pic no: 5380

Pic no: 5381

Pic no: 5382

Pic no: 5383

Pic no: 5384

Pic no: 5385

Pic no: 5386

Pic no: 5387

Pic no: 5389

Pic no: 5390

Pic no: 5391

Pic no: 5392

Pic no: 5393

Pic no: 5394

Pic no: 5395

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Warrnambool band competes at annual Highland gathering

Listen to the band: Drummer Peter Muir, of the Warrnambool and District Pipe Band, and pipier Stacey Riches play during the Ballarat Highland Gathering at Lake Wendouree. PICTURE: JEREMY BANNISTERVICTORIA’S highlandcommunity converged at Lake Wendouree on Saturday for the annual Ballarat HighlandGathering.
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The competition is state pipe bands’ last opportunity to compete before the state championships held in Geelong next weekend.

The day was previously run by Royal South Street Eisteddfod and now by Federation University Australia Pipe Band.

There were about 15 teams competing from all over the state, including school bands from Scotch College, which won grade three and the juvenile section, and Haileybury, which won grade four.

The City of Whitehorse took out grade two and Moorabbin won grade one.

Federation University Australia Pipe Band president Tim Bodey said it was ‘‘an absolutely fantastic day’’ set on a beautiful backdrop of the lake.

“The highlight is always the all-in at the end of the day, where all musicians from the bands come together,” Mr Bodey said.

They played Scotland the Brave, one of eight songs all pipe bands know and play together at the end of their meets.

With about 20-25 musicians in each band, about 400 competitors played on the day, bringing their family members and supporters along.

Mr Bodey said there would have been about 800 spectators, plus another couple of hundred for the highland dancing competition.

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Eye on women’s bowls

At homeWE played social bowls and had the “all important” pennant practise; for we start on March 3.
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Results are:

Division two

D Matheson (skip), L Cross, M. Hollebone and L Gilford defeated K Carlton (skip), N Foy, C O’Donnell and D Polley 25-15.

Division four

J Ditton (skip), P Marcus, P Weir and J Thorburn defeated G Bell (skip), L Dennes, T Rushworth and J Duncan 18-13.

In one game of pairs M Hinton and J Pedron defeated N Sandford and S Wolters 15-5.

Winner was lucky rink No 9: J Ditton, P Marcus, P Weir, and J Thorburn.

It was very pleasing to see our president Nancy Sandford resume lawn bowls after having a recent hip replacement.

NextThursday February 26 will be pennant practise and social bowls ladies.

Division two

K Carlton (skip), N Foy, C O’Donnell and D Polley versus D Matheson (skip), L Cross, M Hollebone and L Gilford.

Division four

J Ditton (skip), P Marcus, P Weir and J Thorburn versus G Bell (skip), L Dennes, T Rushworth and J Duncan.

And social bowls ladies.

May I take this opportunity to wish both divisions two and four, the very best for good bowling; as you take on district pennants for 2015 season.

We have quite a few new bowlers this season and hope they all enjoy the competition between our district clubs.

Special mentionQUARTLEY meeting on Thursday February 26 after bowls ladies.

Every bowling lady member may attend.

On Monday February 23 and Tuesday 24 the district will be back at Wingham Bowling Club for round one of the pair’s event.

Monday – morning match only.

Tuesday – morning and afternoon matches.

Please, if you would like to pick up a “few pointers” on the art of bowling, please come along to watch.

Refreshments are a plenty while enthralled!!

See you on the green.


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Rainbow denies Winiam a finals berth

FINALS-BOUND: Rainbow’s Brett Jensz helped his team qualify for the finals in a thrilling tie against Winiam at the weekend. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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RAINBOW denied Winiam a fairytale finals berth with a last-ditch run-out in Saturday’s thrilling match at Davis Park, Nhill.

Rainbow set a target of 181 for victory in its first innings on day one of the match.

The Wolves resumed at 1-10 on Saturday.

With both teams tied on points and Rainbow ahead on percentage entering the final round, Winiam needed a victory to keep its premiership defence alive.

Rainbow all-rounder Brett Jensz said his side began the day well on Saturday.

‘‘We started off pretty well with some early wickets but then we had a bit of a lull and took our minds off it for a bit,’’ he said.

‘‘Ben Marra batted well and didn’t give many chances, so once we got him out, we felt pretty confident we could win.

‘‘As it turned out, it came right down to the last batsman.’’

Marra’s knock of 87 put his side in a good position after batsmen Brad Clark, eight, and Shannon Launer, duck, fell cheaply.

Victory looked within reach for the Wolves at 6-162, but disaster struck.

When Jordan Gurry was run out for a duck by Nathan Cocks, the Wolves were 9-162.

Needing 20 runs for victory, Chris Jenkins and Alistair Stott set about building a last-wicket partnership for the Wolves.

The pair inched to 9-181, tying Rainbow’s total.

Then Stott tried to get home for a match-winning single but was run out by Chris Heinrich.

‘‘We knew we only needed a tie to make the finals,’’ Jensz said.

“I was told by people at the other game they could hear us yelling all the way over there once we got the run out.”

The other match was less eventful, with Kiata easily chasing down Jeparit’s total of 9-155.

Nathan Alexander nearly outscored the Redbacks on his own, producing an innings of 133 at the top of the order.

His brother Brad Alexander was also more than handy, notching up 71 not out.

Trevor Polkinghorne, 52, was the third Highwayman to make at least a half century in the team’s innings of 6-322.

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Help Murray Bridge Lions clean up Australia

Lions Club volunteers participate in Clean Up Australia Day several years ago.Each year, Murray Bridge Lions Club members get out and about to help clean up, fix up and conserve the environment.
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Murray Bridge Lions are proud of their town and its environs and for almost 10 years, the club has made a concerted effort to select a site in need of its attention.

Members are continuing to do their bit to ensure visitors leave with a great impression of Murray Bridge and return again with friends.

“Let’s face it, there is nothing more off-putting than entering a town only to be greeted by unsightly, unhealthy rubbish littering the streets and parklands,” club member Ann Hughes said.

This Friday, February 27, the Lions will again clean-up along the Adelaide Road area from Thomas Street to the top of White Hill.

“It seems a long way but with a combined effort by locals helping the Lions club members, the job will be done in record time,” Ms Hughes said.

The clean-up will start at 9am at the Johnstone Park gates.

Participants should wear hats and bring water and gardening gloves.

“Why don’t you join us and contribute your efforts to help?” Ms Hughes said.

“We would love to have you join us to contribute your time and efforts to assist.

“Afterwards, refreshments will be available to all.”

– Details: For more information contact the Murray Bridge Lions Club on 0408 803 723.

Murray Bridge Lions Club member Ann Hughes set yo a display in the council foyer for Clean Up Australia Day several years ago.

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Cricket grand finalists decided

Cricket grand finalists decided Lucindale bowler Haydn Cox watches as Kyby’s Dave Farley cuts hard at a ball outside off stump.
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Padthaway and Townies players enjoy a bit of shade as they take a drinks break on Saturday.

Justin Redding bowls for Townies.

Sam Graetz bowls for Lucindale.

Dave Farley sets himself to cut for Kyby.

Kyby’s Daniel Giersch guides one over the slips.

Lucindale wicket keeper Brendan Voss takes an incoming ball next to Kyby’s Daniel Giersch.

Lucindale’s Hayden Cox throws in from the boundary watched by Brock Kelsh.

Lucindale’s Brad Maloney bowls.

Lucindale players celebrate a wicket.

Jamie Bittner crashes a cut shot over cover.

Kyby’s Olly Barr cuts at the ball in front of Lucindale keeper Brendan Voss.

Kyby saviour Jamie Bittner bangs a six straight down the ground.

Townies’ Brodie Foster watches the ball onto his bat.

Townies batsman Mark Collins flicks to the leg side.

A hot and dejected Ethan Vogelsang leaves the ground after being dismissed.

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Emotional Brock speaks of loss of first wife

GeoffBrock’s loss of his first wife Arlene in a car crash is still raw for the Cabinet Minister and Independent Member for Frome.
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Mr Brock reflected emotionally on the incident which happened 23 years ago while speaking about the State Government’s consideration of reducing speed limits on country roads to help save lives.

“It has a life-long impact on the family – it is something you never get over,” he said.

“People never understand it unless they have been through it.” He said Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo was consulting country councils about the speed limits they believed were appropriate for their local roads before making a final decision.

“We also need to take responsibility for our own actions on the road,” he said.

“It is not always the fault of drivers, but I do see so many idiots on the road. People need to drive to the conditions.”

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Bullants upset Blue Panthers in Horsham Cricket Association

YES: Horsham Saints batsman Craig Klemm calls through a run after hitting the ball against Homers in the A Grade. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
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NORADJUHA-TOOLONDO scored an upset win against ladder leader Rup-Minyip in Horsham Cricket Association’s A Grade competition at the weekend.

In a low-scoring game, the Bullants were bowled out for 138.

In reply, Rup-Minyip could only manage 115 runs in 42 overs.

Justtin Combe top-scored for the Bullants, making 39 at the top of the order, while Josh Colbert, 28, and Ben Anson, 26 not out, chimed in with handy performances.

Four Rup-Minyip bowlers took two wickets each, with Corey Morgan, 2-13 off six overs, and Craig Morgan, 2-19 off 10, the pick of the bowlers.

Rup-Minyip took regular wickets and would have liked its chances heading into its innings with the bat.

However, in-form Bullants bowler Jordan Huff took four wickets and Justtin Combe took three to skittle Rup-Minyip’s powerful batting line-up.

Adam Carter, 34, and Craig Morgan, 32, were the only batsmen for Rup-Minyip to reach double-digit scores as the team fell short of the required total.

In another low-scoring affair, Horsham Saints defeated Homers to take second place on the ladder.

Saints captain Tony Caccaviello said it was a great effort by the team, which made 7-131 to take victory.

‘‘We bowled very well against a good batting side, with Karl Goodwin taking six wickets,’’ he said.

‘‘Sebastian Dalgleish played his first game in A Grade at only 14 years old and he did quite well, keeping pressure on at one end to allow Karl to take the wickets.

‘‘Pat Niehus batted brilliantly in the end to get us home.’’

Niehus, 32 not out with the bat, was part of a 63-run partnership with Caccaviello, 29, and also took two wickets with the ball.

Homers captain Lachie Jones said the team played poorly and put itself in a tough position with a total of 125.

‘‘We were always going to need to take early wickets, which we did, but they had a couple of guys who hung around at the end,’’ he said.

‘‘It was always going to be pretty tough to defend that total.

“We would have liked to win but credit is due to them, they outplayed us.’’

Homers’ Adam Atwood top-scored for the team with 30, while Chris Hopper was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2-17 off 10 overs.

In the final game, Jung Tigers drew level with Laharum on the ladder after a comprehensive victory.

The Tigers batted first, with David Puls, 98, and Nathan Neumann, 43, making an opening partnership of 124 runs, to put them in the box seat.

Captain Tyler Neville said the pair batted brilliantly to help get over Laharum.

‘‘Any time you have both openers still in the middle at drinks, you’re setting yourself up for a big innings,’’ he said.

‘‘Pulsy unluckily couldn’t get the final two runs to reach 100 but he played very well.’’

Laharum had a good crack at chasing down the Tigers’ score of 7-249, but ultimately fell short of the total, all out for 172.

Captain Dan Griffiths said it was good to see most batsmen make starts, but lamented they could not go on to make big scores like the Tigers did.

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Wagga woman awakes to car inferno

A Holden Commodore ute is engulfed by flames. Picture: Wagga Neighbourhood Watch/FacebookAn Ashmont woman was awoken from her sleep in the early hours of Monday morning after her car was set alight, police said.
Nanjing Night Net

About 2am police responded to the Connorton Street blaze and arrived to a”completely destroyed” car.

A post on a Wagga community Facebook page shows a Holden Commodore ute well alight.

Wagga police duty officer Inspector Peter Robertson said two unidentified youths were seen running from the scene.

It follows a string of car fires in the Wagga area over the past two months.

A Holden Commodore ute is engulfed by flames. Picture: Wagga Neighbourhood Watch/Facebook

“It is a concern to us,” Inspector Robertson said.

“We don’t know whether it’s linked, but we will investigate it.”

Inspector Robertson said it helped for property owners to make themselves a “small target” for thieves, which includedlocking doors, keeping valuables in safe storage and parkingcars off the street.

“Thieves will always take the easiest avenue.”

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the online reporting page.

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Seaspray glad of a reprieve …for now

Nanjing Night Net

MYfamily and friends in Seaspray are pleased to hear that Lakes Oil appears to be leaving us alone, for the time being.

It is shifting its focus to Western Victoria, as claimed by Rob Annells in the Herald Sun on February 14.

However, that is just not enough for us.

We will not celebrate until there is a permanent ban on onshore gas mining in Victoria.

We have little faith in anything Lakes Oil says.

We feel as if we have been dragged away from our lives, our businesses, our work and our families.

Our health has suffered; we believe the value of our farming and residential properties has been affected, and our beautiful coastal area is dotted with wells and produce ponds in a disgraceful state of disrepair.

We are angry.

We are not ignorant or ill informed we are a powerful little community which has achieved amazing things in the past few years.

In recent weeks a glossy promotional brochure has been widely distributed in mailboxes throughout our community.

We are unsure exactly the motives behind recent activities but remain sceptical and committed to continue our campaign against onshore gas mining in our beautiful coastal community.

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